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Governed by $PURP

PurpleFi is collective of products that gives access to the world of Web 3 investing, mutually beneficial ecosystems governed by $PURP token holders.

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Why PurpleFi?

Experienced partners with the backing of
world class founders and investor.

Leveraging industry leading expertise with technical talent, we are focused on discovering the latest tools & technologies that
revolutionizes the way we invest.

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$100+ million
in Asset Under Management
Positive Quarterly Asset Growth
Recognized Industry
Track record with multinational financial institutions

Our Technology

Blockchain tokenization opens up opportunities
from private markets, web3 technologies
to traditional finance without borders.

Blockchain tokenization opens up opportunities from private markets, web3 technologies to traditional finance without borders.

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Explore businesses and assets to invest in bridging together all sectors globally.

Art & Vintage Cars
Precious Metals & Stones


Due Diligence by Purple
Minimum Investment Amounts
Easy Access to a diverse portfolio

Assets Owners

Access to Capital
Gain global exposure
No admin hassles

Invest in all industries big or small

We enable an easier way to access real-world assets such as real-estate, luxury art and more with tokenization.

We break up high-priced assets into fractional pieces for global investors.

  • Selection, Purchase, Management all on one platform
  • Diversify your portfolio with real-estate, artworks and more
  • Alternative assets are an Inflation hedge with little correlation to other assets & inflation
  • Investment secured by physical assets
  • Receive proceeds when asset is sold and any income it generates

Your Access to DeFi made Simple

Purple Fund is an automated protocol that seek the highest yields in the DeFi sector, maintained by our developers and is governed by $PURP holders.

Auto-pilot yield generation
Constantly high yield
Platform fee distributed to staked $PURP holders

How does it work?

One-step digital access to the world of investing.

1. Explore

Discover different investment options that suits your goals.

2. Select an investment

Hand pick your product choice.

3. Choose an amount to invest

Easily invest with USDT/BUSD and more!

4. Confirm and Approve

We will carry out KYC and all checks within 24hrs.

5. Portfolio Management

Access and manage all your investments 24/7 on our desktop & mobile app.

The Purple Token

Our native token $PURP powering the PurpleFi ecosystem

Hold Long Term

Give you perpetual membership to our product suite with staking benefits.

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Become a shareholder

Every token represents ownership in Purple with our native token powering the platform.

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Curated Investments

All offerings have throughout due diligence and transparent risk rating standard.

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Membership Token

Your key to access PurpleFi products.

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Multiple Uses

Membership, Exclusive early start-up access, platform dividends and contribute to the future of Purple!

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Build with Us

Help create the next Web 3.0 tokenized asset portfolio platform.

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Get to know $PURP

Utility, Governance, Exposure. When you hold PURP, you’re not just getting a stake in PurpleFi but giving
our ecosystem an acceleration to thrive.

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Products & Ecosystem

Get to know

Power of Web3

Our flagship DeFi yield aggregator combining machine learning and high frequency trading.

Private Launch
Tokenizing The World's Assets

Marketplace for tokenized real-world assets with on-chain assets and all-in-one portfolio management.

Final Development
A new way to collateralize NFTs

Borrowers can take out ETH loans against NFTs and Lenders of the ETH can then earn interest of their deposited funds, with real time tracking of loan safety against live floor prices.

Private Launch
Giving You Time

Borderless lending platform that gives investors flexible access to leverage their digital assets.

Secure by Design

PurpleFi Smart Custody Industry grade custodian services safeguarding digital assets and infrastructure settlement platform MPC-CMP wallet technology 24/7.

Think Like a Trader

Secure online platform for buying, selling, transferring, and storing cryptocurrency with 0% trading fees for major digital assets.

Early Development


Partners & Protocols

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